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Dragon Motor Tours

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We are Geraint and Jan Hughes and through DragonMotoTours we are able to share our passion of motorcycling with other like minded people.

We met a motorcyclist from Utah on Route 66 some years ago and he used a quote "if you have to explain motorcycling to someone, they just won't get it". How many of us have been out on our motorbikes when the rain has been torrential or the cold weather has set in but when we get to the next rest stop we all have as much to talk and laugh about as we do when we stop on the days when the sun has been "cracking the flags". It's these type of experiences that we have had over the years we have been touring and riding our motorcycles in the UK, Western Europe and on the West and East coasts of America, that we aim to share with people who travel with DragonMotoTours, (although we would naturally prefer more of the sunshine days!).

Both of us are motorcycle riders, Geraint's first experience was sat on the tank of his brother's bike when he was 3 years old! Jan used to go to Oulton Park with her brother watching the motorcycle racing from an early age. Geraint is an IAM motorcycle examiner and a former police motorcyclist and BikeSafe presenter. Jan came to motorcycle riding a bit "later in life" having gained her licence in March 2008 but has ridden over 40,000 miles in the four years since passing her test. Before this Jan rode pillion with Geraint and this has given her the benefit of seeing things from both the rider and pillion perspectives.

Thats a little bit "about us", but the main question is "What do we do?". We organise and run motorcycle tours in the UK and Europe, we run day ride outs in the UK in conjunction with Hammer & Tongs Performance and Geraint also runs a Motorcycle Rider Assessment programme, there are separate pages on this website giving you details.

For our tours, we arrange hotel accommodation, cross-channel travel arrangements where applicable and provide routes to and from the hotels and also ride out routes if we are staying in a location for a few days. For UK based tours and some of the short breaks in northern Europe, and the UK day ride outs, we operate a "corner marking or second man drop off" system where Geraint leads and Jan is at the "tail end" which allows you to ride the roads without maps etc., if you wish. Alternatively you can take the routes we have compiled and meet us along the road or at the final destination to enjoy the social side of motorcycling. For longer tours Jan will ride pillion with Geraint. When we plan our tours and ride outs, we pride ourselves on "The Mix", this is the variety in the type of roads we use, the places we visit and the scenery we experience.

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A lighthearted view...

of the Practical Motorcycle test as viewed by Mo, a former student of VBS

 Mo Wheelie framed
 Mo Speeding
Mo Tightrope
 Mo Stunts
 Mo Stunt flying
 Mo Titanic
 Mo Red light
 Mo Clothing
Mo Left turn

 All drawings are copyright to VBS and cannot be reproduced without our permission.


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Theory Test


Based on the Highway Code, the Theory Test must be taken by everyone before they can take their Practical Test. Even though you have been driving a Class I HGV since Noah launched his Ark or have recently passed a Theory Test for another class of vehicle, you must pass a Theory Test for Motorcycles. The current cost of a Theory Test is £23 and can be booked on line at www.dsa.gov.uk or over the phone on 0300-200-1122. Please DO NOT pay more than £23 for the Theory Test.

The Theory Test consists of two parts:

Part 1... 50 multiple choice questions. You must get 43 right to pass.

Part 2... Hazard Perception element. This involves 14 video clips than contain 15 "scoreable hazards". You must score at least 44 from 75 in this element.

If well prepared, the Theory Test should hold no fears for anyone.

Practise your knowledge of road signs here


There are a number of books, CD-ROMs and DVDs on the market to help you pass the Theory Test. We recommend the DSA's own products that can be obtained from most large bookstores, from us, or from The Stationery Office directly.

You can practise for free via the Lancashire County Council site. Simply click on their logo.

LCC logo


If you would rather pay for the hazard perception challenge simply click on this link         hazardperceptionchallenge-header8




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Motorcycle Training | Rossendale | Lancashire

Telephone 01706214266  or  07740195921

Direct Access or A2 Licence

Courses from £480 for 3 days

Never ridden before?

Ask about our Taster Sessions


Best way to get us is TEXT to




Our Courses include the Module 1 and Module 2 test fees. Day 1 of any Course is CBT, if required.

But, you don't have to do a Course. We have a "pay-as-you-go" option which may suit you better.

Looking for a Special gift for your partner, family member or friend? We can provide the same as a Birthday present, or simply as a "Happy Monday" surprise. Prices start from £35. Never ridden before? Ask about our taster sessions.

When trying to contact us, please be patient. We are are usually out riding our bikes. We may take some time to answer the phone. Text is good to 07740-195921, or hit the "Book Now" button above.

From CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) through to Advanced motorcycling, we provide it all. Direct Access and Test Preparation form the mainstay of what we offer and whether you do your motorcycle training intensively, or on a lesson by lesson basis, we will not compromise on safety. We will not rush you, or berate you if you make a mistake. We will treat you as you want to be treated, whether you are spending one hour with us or several days. We will tailor your training to meet your needs. Only available at weekends? Then do your training at weekends. Unfortunately, the Driving Standards Agency do not currently offer practical tests at weekends.

We offer motorcycle tuition from advanced trained instructors with a personal touch that makes learning to ride a positive pleasure. Unlike some alleged training schools, we do exist and we provide training from where we say (Brookside Business Park, Burnley Road, Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancashire). Confused by this? Check out some other sites that purport to have Motorcycle trainers in your area. Some don't even exist! Others exist, but somewhere else! 

Rossendale and the surrounding areas, have some of the most beautiful scenery and roads in the North West of England. When you learn to ride a motorbike with Valley Bike School, you will be travelling these roads on a daily basis.

Whether you want to save money by using the two-wheeled option, or whether you want to ride around the World, the long way around, riding a motorbike puts a smile on your face. Time to get your test passed... NOW! 

Who says that we are the best? Our former students do. See The Review Centre. Like any other learning process, you have to prepare yourself properly. Give yourself the best possible chance of passing first time, book today with Valley Bike School.

You can now follow us on Twitter @MotorBikeTraing



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Postal Address
Rings House, 956 Burnley Rd
Rossendale, BB4 8QL
Tel.: 01706-214266
Mobile.: 07740-195921