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"Former police who "get it"

I learned to ride with Joe and his team (Martin did most of my lessons) about 8 years ago. At the time I was pretty young, and had to do my CBT, restricted access, then direct access, and finally my full test. I shot though them all in about 12 months. Throughout all my tests, I only picked up three "points", and passed one of them completely cleanly. 

Joe's team really understand what drives bikers, and they know decent people when they meet them. They're cautious, and can tailor training for the 40-something back to biking chap who hasn't riden since mods and rockers were a thing. 

My review is a little biased, as even years later (and even now that I have emigrated) whenever I'm back in England, I call into the bike school to show my face and catch up with everyone, and I've been connected to Joe and his wife on Facebook for as long as I can remember now. 

I can't recommend them enough, especially given that just over the valley from Joe's place is another school sharing premises with a bike showroom, about whom I've heard nothing but doom given their scary tactics pushing people through tests, and passing people on CBTs who aren't fit to ride. 

I don't keep on with modern costs for learning to ride, but even if VBS would cost double what other places are charging (and I'm pretty sure they don't!) it would still be worth it. With lesser training I would almost certainly have killed myself years ago. With VBSs training, I survived 80,000 miles on my bike, in all seasons commuting for four years, and have enjoyed finally having the money to run a car, and relegating my bike to "obnoxious weekend wheels". 

Lee (Hamburg) 13 December 2013

"Wider for a minor"

I've always wanted to ride a motorbike and after a few lifestyle changes, I decided at 32 that enough is enough and I jumped in feet first. I contact them through the Web site. I was recommend by a friend to VBS he recommended I did a taster session as I'd never rode a bike before. After an hours riding on the taster I loved it and I wanted to do my DAS. The next day I was on the road completing my CBT with him, I then booked a 6 days training course which was spread out over 2 months. I passed my MOD1 then my MOD2 I went from never riding a bike to holding a full licence within 2 months. How I did this I hear you ask?... 

I went to Valley Bike School 

From the first day I felt welcome even tho I had an Man City shirt on ha ha 

I was trained to a high standard, way above the DSA standard and I believe this is the reason I passed my MOD2. All the instructors are fantastic, they all have their own way of riding but teach you in the same way, if that makes sense. 

I would like to thank both of them for helping my feel calm on my test days I passed my MOD1 test because he put me at ease he told me just before my test that its the best I've seen you ride coming over this morning, which put me on a high just before my test and it worked.

I would recommend to everyone I'm really going to miss the leasons. 

Cheers guys and safe riding. 

Alan (Burnley) 31 October 2013

"Outstanding Service from Valley Bike School"

I would like to thank the advisors, along with all the instructors from Valley Bike School for making my introduction to motorcycling safe, fun and hassle free.
I did look at a number of bike schools in the area and VBS came highly recommended from my local bike shop, so I decided to give them a try.
Initially I started with a 2 hour taster session just to make sure I was doing the right thing - I enjoyed it so much I booked my CBT for the following week. The CBT was very well delivered, with the necessary theory introduction, some good advice on the right kit to buy followed by a road ride.
I went on to book my Direct Access course over 7 days, as prior to the CBT had never ridden a bike before. Throughout the DAS, the instructors were friendly, good fun and most importantly thorough but in a relaxed way. I felt my confidence and skills naturally increasing over the course and easily went on to pass both my MOD 1 and MOD 2 at the first attempt.
This was helped by numerous practice sessions at the weekend arranged by VBS on the actual test site at Darwen.
I would highly recommend Valley Bike School to anyone from novice to the experienced rider wishing to brush up their skills. I will be back in a few months for some advanced guidance. 

The team are very welcoming - free brews! and very accommodating, they always manage to work out a plan to suit you. Also, Valley Bike School provide all the kit that you will need to complete your training. In addition they have a large fleet of new bikes, compared to the tired looking machines used by other bike schools that I witnessed at the Test Centre.

Paul (Darwen) 26 October 2013


"Want to pass 1st time? - Go here!!!"

I was a complete novice at the start of the training sessions. My only motorbike experience was mopeds on foreign holidays.
I undertook 1 initial taster session to familiarise myself with a bike with gears before the CBT training.
I booked a 7 day course spread out over 2/3 weeks.
I throughly enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish especially as I passed first time.
The whole team were legends as they helped and encouraged your abilities all the time. They were always available for questions and advice which really helped me.
They provide you with EVERYTHING you need to get riding on a bike; Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Jackets and Waterproof wear. More importantly the actual bikes you ride on are virtually new installing confidence you are on a decent machine that will perform on the road to the best of your abilities.
As I was training I saw other bikes from other schools and they look very tired and worn.

The whole team (and I trained with virtually all of them at one point or another) were very professional and certainly know their stuff. They know exactly how and when to get the best of your abilities and I feel I have progressed from my total novice state to a much more confident and more importantly road-safe rider!

Anyone looking to get their motorbike training look no further as these guys get the job done and first time.
They treat you as a friend which helps relax you and will even give you a free brew when you are there!!!!
Don't think about getting you bike licence, do it and do it with Valley Bike School.

Anthony (Rochdale) 21 September 2013

"First Class.. the best there is.. Daft to go anywhere else"

The team are excellent is every way… I couldn’t take a full week off work to compress 7 days riding into a short time for my Direct Access training but this was no problem to VBS who worked around when I was available… Their approach and knowledge is exceptional. I’m a 44 year old biking novice – never even ridden a scooter – but the team are just so good at what they do it’s nigh on impossible to fail… Their approach to teaching defensive riding techniques gives you bags of confidence… The roads in the Rawtenstall – Blackburn - Atherton area are fantastic, giving a great mix of roads and conditions to learn in the real world whilst enjoying the whole experience. Key thing for me was not just passing the tests – it’s all about being safe and becoming a good bike rider and that's what VBS do. Special thanks need to go to Michelle (for accommodating me in changing dates due to work commitments with no issues at all) and to Tom and Bob for passing their knowledge and experience whilst making the whole thing fun at the same time.

Mike (Saddleworth) 20 September 2013

"Brilliant experience.... Loved it"

I've done my CBT, and direct access with VBS (Valley Bike School), thanks to their brilliant training I passed my mod 1 & 2 first time, no problems, always made to feel welcome, friendly instructors always have a laugh and banter with you, making you feel more like a friend is teaching you. I really liked the 600 bikes I was learning on (Yamaha xj6) a lot better and newer, than other riding schools bikes ;) I liked the roads around VBS..... Perfect for motorbiking, I loved the encouragement of the instructors to enjoy every minute of it.Also I liked stopping for a brew and a bite to eat in Macy's everyday :P Ha Ha, there are cheaper bike schools out there but I definintly recommend these guys, plus I always believe you get what you pay for. VBS believe that safety comes first and that comes across very clear, as I passed my mod1 with no minors/faults, mod2 with 2 minors/faults from my own mistakes from rushing. I even feel a safer driver in my car and my knowledge of the roads and road safety has grown massively. I feel confident from VBS' training to go out and ride with safely with problems, and still enjoy every minute of it, just like I did on my lessons :)

Chris (Bury) 18 September 2013 

"Best team ever"

Valley Bike School are the best they offer more than 100% all round from start to end they treat you really good and make you very comfortable. Their bikes are the best and very well equipped for any event I could not recommend these guy enough they are mega many thanks again.

Gordon (Eccles) 24 August 2013

"Brilliant bike training school I cannot fault"

Thanks to Valley Bike School and its trainers I successfully passed my bike licence in just 4 days, 0 minors. This is because their teaching is very positive and precise, also giving amusing mental pictures of what to do in certain circumstances e.g. "Bob". Feel very welcomed into the training centre, always having brews while assessing how previous riding went, have all the correct gear to keep you safe on the road and use brilliant bikes.
I would highly recommend this company if thinking of getting into motorcycles.

John Hook 13 August 2013


The Valley Bike School team are brilliant, really friendly, always happy to answer any questions that you have, making you feel very comfortable, each instructor has a slightly different approach to the training but all very professional and put your needs first.
I can't thank them enough for the quality and professional service they provide; both off and on the road. Thanks Guys

Steve (Rossendale) 30 July 2013

"7 Days Zero to Hero..!" 

Just finished my bike licence with Valley Bike School. Arrived in the country Monday evening, theory Tuesday morning and CBT then 5 more days training with the instructors and on day 7 passed my Mod 1 and Mod 2.. Bike licence in my hand..!
I can not speak higher of the instructors of Valley Bike School. I started with Michelle, then I rode with Bob, Tom and Ian during my training. From the office Michelle and Joe made sure I was finished in plenty of time to make my flight back to Seville. Special thanks to Bob who took me to the test centre and prepped me for the exams and kept me cool ("Dont forget to come and jump with me in Seville Bob..!") 
So if you want to ride a bike, contact these guys they are the experts and professionals through and through..! They took me from zero to hero in 7 days no messing.

Jonno Horne (General Manager and Chief Instructor SkydiveSpain) 28 July 2013

"The Company That Cares"

I trained with these guys earlier in the year for my CBT. They were very considerate to my needs as a complete beginner. Very friendly team who guided me in a none judgmental, easy going but clear manner. I passed first time! Even though it chucked it down on the road element. The equipment, facilities and bikes/scooters are top notch and in excellent condition. I recommend this company, Joe and his team, with ease. Sign up now good value and a great experience. I will be back when I can! Keep it up guys

Andrew (Bury) 23 July 2013

"Best training gives best results"

The best training around. I had enquired about training with other providers and these were the best by far (and I mean by far!!). From making the first phone call to leaving my MOD 2 pratical test I could not of asked for a better service, quality of training and professional people to deal with. If you are thinking about taking your Motorcycle test then these people are who you need to see (I would even bother phoning anyone else).I would like to say a big big thanks to everyone at Valley Bike School for their help and experience to enable me to pass my test.

Rob (Merseyside) 22 July 2013

"Teach an old dog new tricks!"

Having been bitten by the desire to get a motorbike in my mid 50's and not having ridden one for nearly 40 years L was a bit nervous but the folk at Valley Bike School were fantastic. Thanks to their excellent training I breezed through CBT, Theory and Module 1. Slight hiccup on Module 2 but that was my fault.

Overall the quality of training and support is brilliant and I would recommend them 100% to anybody.

Chris (Manchester) 15 July 2013

"Simply the best"

These guys are second to none. Having tried 2 previous bike schools I can safely say Valley Bike School are head and shoulders above the rest. They won't sugar coat anything or hold back on telling you the truth. Simply put, if you are looking for a no nonsense School whose only aim are to get you a bike test pass then look no further. Not only will you learn to ride a bike you will also ride it safely with these guys. The manager/owner promotes safety and will not rest until it's firmly drilled into your head. Bob and Martin were my instructors and also seemed to deliver the same type of teaching. Didn't meet anyone who wasn't a top guy/girl. Everyone was very willing to help me and give me advice and no question was to small/stupid for them.

Finally I would just like to thanks them for my first time pass and wish them all the best of luck in the future.

Fabio (Manchester) 12 July 2013

"From a complete Novice to a Pass with NO minors in 5..."

I had always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle and this was the year I was going to do it. I was recommended Valley Bike School by friends so decided to give them a ring. I spoke with Michelle who suggested a Taster session (which was cheap) to see if i liked it. I went from never even started one to riding round a car park in just 90 minutes. From there I decided to book on my CBT which was such a great day training. Lots of slow stuff and car park work in the morning to a road ride in the afternoon. Then I was OK to ride a 125cc. On returning to the Bike school I sat down with Joe and he gave us the options of doing our full bike licence and the prices, course lengths etc that were on offer.. There was absolutely no pressure to book or which course to use. I would deff recommend the longer course spread out over a few weeks.. Which i did and was so beneficial and enjoyable.

1st day of DAS training I went from a 125 to a 600cc bike and was made to feel at home and with great instruction and encouragement started to feel at home on the bigger bike. The lessons continued and in between I passed my Theory test. I had my lessons with Bob and Tom who were spot on. Ian and his sense of humour is deff one to experience and Martyn is great a getting his point accross and learning to a very high standard. The lessons were so enjoyable I never wanted them to end.

Mod 1 - we set off from Valley over to the Mod 1 test area in blackburn and did 90 minutes of test prep to make sure we were ready for the test. I passed with No minors so the training paid off. Prior to this on different lessons we visited the mod 1 test area for practice on the actual test area.

Mod 2 - again setting off from Valley we headed over to the test centre. When we got there we had plenty of time to pre run a few test routes and to polish up on anything we needed. Bob was great in preparation for the test. Could not of been happier going into my test knowing i was ready.

PASSED with No Minors. What a feeling and its all down to Bob, Tom and the Team at Valley Bike School..

Can not recommend this place highly enough if you want to do your bike test.. Loads of Banter, jokes but on a serious note 1st class training. You really do feel part of the team..

Looking forward to the advance riding course soon...

And on completion of the test I even got some bike bits from the Valley shop. Cheap as well.. Thanks.

See your for the advance rider training. Cant Wait..........

Thanks again guys. Its been emotional and Loved every minute...... :)

Ian (Burnley) 25 June 2013

" It's the only choice for motorbike lessons :) "

I decided to learn to ride a bike after I had bought a CBT course for my husband a couple of years ago and became a bike widow :)

I chose VBS because they were local, and my husband Rob had had such a great time learning with them.

I rang to book a CBT, and was advised that because I had never ridden a geared bike before, and it was great advice. The taster was for an hour, and took me through the basics of what I needed to know to get me off on the right foot with a CBT. It was fun, informative, and did exactly what it said on the tin - got me ready for my CBT which I took the next week.

I booked a course then, which would take me through my Direct Access.

Every lesson was fantastic and I looked forward to each and every one of them. All the trainers at VBS are immensely experienced, knowledgeable and talented and they make every lesson fun :)

They will help you in every way they can, to the point where I was really struggling with U Turns, and my poor instructor had to resort to dancing round the test centre like a monkey with a bright orange cone on his head ..... it worked, because I cracked U Turns and passed my Mod 1 first time :)

After only one session with you they know exactly what you need and will tailor every lesson to you as an individual to help you be the very best, safest rider you can be.

The bikes are really well maintained, the prices are really really good value for money.

You dont need any kit - they have a huge selection of gear you can wear at no extra cost while learning, and also sell helmets and clothing on site if you want to buy your own.

If you want to learn to ride a moped, or a bike, Valley Bike School is the only place to do it. It really is a one stop shop.

Becki (Rossendale) 30 May 2013


"Simply a great place to learn how to ride a bike.."

After having a difficult experience with another riding school and having read so many positive reviews about Valley Bike School I decided to travel out of my local area and see if these guys could get my training back on track. This has proved to be the best decision I could have made and I am now the proud owner of an "A" licence. From my initial phone call with Michelle through to passing my Mod 2 i have enjoyed every minute of my time at this school, they are a very welcoming, highly professional bunch of enthusiastic bikers who clearly still have the same passion for riding as their students.

These guys don't waste time standing around they get you riding, they treat you with respect and and work hard to make you a good rider as well as maximising your chances of a pass at the test centre. Good lessons at good prices with a clearly planned timetable toward achieving your goal. They have a well maintained large fleet of bikes and high quality equipment is on hand so that everything runs smoothly, I just couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you, it was a pleasure, hopefully the next time I come to VBS I won't bring the rain with me! See you on the road...

Steve (Macclesfield) 17 May 2013

"Excellent Instruction and Service on my CBT day"

I am a serving police officer and have reached the ripe old age of 48 years. I decided that a bike would be a cheaper way of getting to work so bought a little 125cc bike. VBS were recommended to me by another serving Police officer so I took his advice.

I was nervous about taking up biking and about the CBT. I can say to anybody who feels any kind of nerves, dont worry these guys will look after you and make you feel at ease.

It is a fun but informative day and I came away a lot more confident afterwards. In fact I was so confident I put on my L plates and went out on my own as soon as I got home.

The day covers all the basics and you will not be disappointed with the service they give you. It is value for your money.

Dont forget its not a test but you need to listen to them because they will not let you out on the road if you are not safe, and thats what they are all about, safety.

I gave them 5 Stars but they deserve more.

Thanks a lot VBS Im now looking at my direct Access, see you soon!

Andy (Manchester) 28 April 2013

"Absolutely top Notch! Great guys & brilliant training!"

The Valley Bike School team are absolutely brilliant, really friendly, more than happy to answer any questions that you have, making you feel very comfortable and settled for the big day.

I can't thank them enough for the quality and proffessional service they provide; both off and on the road.

Thanks Guys

Ian (Burnley) 25 March 2013

"Couldn't of been better!!!"

Would like to thank all the instructors at Valley Bike School for helping me gain my full direct access bike license in 5 days with 0 minors! I started off with a taster session as I had not been on a geared bike before, then went on a 5 day direct access course and passed both my mod 1 and mod 2 first time with 0 minors. Couldn't have done it with out the help from all the instructors at Valley Bike School, they are all professional, patient, polite and are excellent bike instructors! The course was great value for money, the equipment and bikes available are all of top quality, I would not recommend any one other than Valley Bike School, from CBT right through to direct access, Valley Bike School is the choice for anyone! Thanks again to everyone at Valley Bike School, very much appreciated.

Lee (Accrington) 19 March 2013

"Like father, like son.... Cheers Bob"

My dad passed with VBS approx 4 yrs ago and when I decided to go in for my CBT, he recommended them to me.

After a very easy and pleasant conversation with Michelle, I was booked in.

After completing this I went on to pass my Mod 1 and Mod 2.

Throughout these tests, I found the instructors to be incredibly patient, professional and friendly. Their enthusiasm and commitment to safety and training is first class and all is carried out in a very relaxed manner.

I have learned some valuable riding skills from VBS that will stay with me for life and like my Dad, I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of taking up biking.

Geoff (Todmorden) 11 March 2013

"VBS, the one stop shop on the road to two wheels "

So you can't teach an old dog, new tricks, right? Wrong, Joe and his team can! My decision to choose VBS for a Direct Access course was based on probably the best method, personal recommendation and that was good enough for me, especially when you consider that I live in Cumbria! Joe and his team's mantra is SAFETY and I thoroughly endorse that! One other outstanding feature that impressed me is their style of instruction. It was informative, personally tailored to the requirements of the student and delivered in a friendly, concise manor that was always consistent between the two Instructors during my training.

I would like to convey a huge thank you to Joe, Michelle, Tom and Bob for their professionalism and outstanding ability to make the formal requirements of training an enjoyable experience and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone, young or old, in choosing VBS, on their path to two wheels. Success breeds results and you only have to look at their pass rates to get a good indication that this team works!

Chris (Cumbria) 16/01/2013

"Professional, friendly, patient and very knowledgeable."

I needed to renew my CBT last August and couldn't remember the name of the last school I took it with. To cut a long story short I searched on the internet and VBS came up. Located in Swinton, which was even better for me. Anyway I ended up in Rawtenstall which was no bad thing. Thank you to Dave for picking me up on his way through. Ian and Dave took the lessons on the practice area and gave all confidence to progress to the road. To my surprise Joe said I could take my CBT road lesson on a 500cc. Great fun and got my certificate. I booked my DAS for November and took lessons from Ian, Bob and Joe. Passed my Mod1 and Mod2 and I am now the proud holder of a full motorbike licence.

I can honestly say it was great. Good fun and very friendly people make it a pleasurable experience. I would thoroughly recommend VBS for anybody with any level of experience of bikes. No pressure, just helpful knowledgeable people who want to get people riding bikes.

My thanks to all at VBS.

Alan (Manchester) 14/01/2013

"Top Place and Top people AAAAA+++++"

Go and have some fun......There is no pressure from these guys they're only there to help you...

The DAS was the way for me and so was Valley.... A very big thanks to Michelle, Joe and the team.....(Bob your coffee is poor man)... Ha.

I had looked around at a lot of schools and definitely made the right choice going with these guys.. SPOT ON.. first time pass... Valley was the one for me.

All the best folks...

Paul (Ashton-Under-Lyne) 10/01/2013


"VBS you are the best"

I was bought a taster session as a Christmas present by a friend who had passed her bike test.

As soon as I got there I was made to feel very welcome, I didn't even have any gear, but that was not a problem because they kitted me out from head to toe.

I went for the taster session it was brilliant Michelle was very patient with me but could I get the figure of 8, no.

So, I booked another taster session.

It was poor Ollie's turn, who again was very patient, I got there eventually.

After the session, I decided to do my CBT. What a great day, there was so much to learn but these guys make it fun.

You are not made to feel pushed and they try to take the stress out of it, so in turn you can enjoy the experience.

After I had passed my cbt, I decided to book a course of lessons, which for me was the best way.

I found all the instructors FANTASTIC, These guys make you feel confidant and safe. You can ask any question you like and you're not made to feel stupid.

So if you are thinking of taking bike lessons then VBS is the place to go. I would recommend them to anyone they are the BEST.

I passed my Mod 1 first time, yippee! Then went onto my Mod 2 and passed that first time, Oh yes!

Watch out big brother here I come.

Thank you, I really couldn't have do it without you. What an Amazing experience.

Ann (Rawtenstall) 09/01/2013


"Amazing people, an experience I'll never forget"

I always knew I wanted to learn to ride a motorbike, but I had no idea who was reputable. After a recommendation from Keith Dixons in Accrington, I rang Joe at Valley Bike School and explained what I wanted to achieve. He was incredible professional and put me at ease, explaining the various stages of the test process. I arranged a lesson and as soon as I walked in, I knew these were the people who would provide me with the skills I needed to pass my test. When learning to ride a bike you have to have complete confidence in your instructor and this was a given at VBS. They always took time to answer any questions I had and I never once felt rushed or pressured to do anything I didn't feel capable of. In the past month I have spent with VBS, not only have I managed to pass my test, I feel that I have made some true friends and there aren't many places like that around. If you're reading this review because you're unsure where to go for bike lessons, make sure you go to VBS and I'm certain you'll enjoy your time there as much as I did!

Lou (Great Harwood) 09/01/13


"Forget the rest go with VBS"

I dont normally write reviews, but credit it where it's due! I came to VBS after reading these reviews and I can only endorse what is said in them, its true! They will not only get you through your test, more importantly they will teach you how to safely ride a bike after you have passed your test. Very professional outfit (nice people as well) If you want to learn to ride a bike give them a ring.

Andrew (Todmorden) 14/12/12


"Absolutely top of the game, couldn't have asked for better.."

Having ridden motocross and enduro events for a number of years, but never managing to fulfil the desire to take to the road on two wheels until now, I took the plunge and bought a new bike, this left me in the market for a bike school to take me through the paces and get me through my test.

A quick scan of the internet, and with nothing bad to be said by everyone I asked, revealed Valley Bike School were to be the one to help me achieve my license.

I made a call and initially spoke to Joe, he talked me through my options, explained the setup, and answered every question I had. Having bought a bike, I wanted to get my license done as quickly as possible, and VBS were able to help me do this. I had booked my theory test for the Friday, and decided to book my CBT, training and tests for the first available dates.

Theory test went perfectly with 100% on the questions and almost perfect on the hazard perception, so the training was on!

Saturday was CBT day, the morning was spent riding around in a car park just down the road from the school, on a brand new 125cc bike, with Syd and Tom giving helpful directions. To me this part was a doddle having ridden previously, but they made it fun. In the afternoon I completed the road ride on a 500cc bike, with Martyn watching carefully and offering advice, I felt very confident already. So at the end of the ride, Martyn signed off my CBT. A great start.

Sunday was to be a day of training on the big bike, Tom and Bob took a two hour session each, and I rode a number of test routes as well as practicing for my module one. Another fantastic day in the saddle and I really felt ready... It was a good job too as my module one test was booked for Wednesday, and my module two on Friday!

Despite only having a very short time with the VBS crew, I felt ready and confident that things would go to plan, this I have no doubt, was down to the standard of instruction, and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that surrounded me as a 'student' there.

Module one test day came, and after a brew and a chat, It was time for a ride to the test centre. It'd been 8 years since I took my car test, and 2 years since I took my HGV test, yet I wasn't nervous, I had the best training possible, all I had to do was ride.

Perfect! Nil points. The training had paid off, I had my module one pass certificate and was raring to go for module two.

Friday came, and it was more of the same, a nice relaxed start to the day with a brew and a chat, the overnight nerves were settled and I was on my way to the test centre.

I made a couple of little mistakes, but nothing major, and I left with my full motorbike license. Direct Access had been a success. I followed Tom back to the riding school grinning like the Cheshire Cat!

I want to thank everyone at Valley Bike School for making my albeit short time there, very sweet.

Not only did I recommend VBS to a friend, but when I popped in to say hello on my new bike this week, whilst having another brew with Michelle, my friend called up to book his CBT with them.

From start to finish I don't have a bad word to say, I will definitely be recommending VBS to anyone who wants to learn to ride.

Top class service. Top class instructors. Thank you.

Adam (Colne) 21/11/2012

"Better than the best"

Having wanted to do my bike test for many years I was told by another biker to get in touch with Valley Bikes. It was the best thing I have ever done. I have enjoyed every minute of my time there. Great people great sense of humour and above all patience and an ability to make things seem so simple and common sense without making you feel daft. You really must use this school then you will see for your selves.

Andrew (Manchester) 04/11/2012


"VBS are THE bike school to use, without question."

After dipping in and out of biking for a number of years, I was getting bored of doing the CBT every 2 years ( 3 in total). So I decided that this year was the year to finally go all the way and do my test. After doing CBT's with VBS and knowing what they were about I decided to go with them to do the test.

I had looked around for other bike schools but nothing out there compared to valley bike school. I maybe could have got the package a little cheaper elsewhere but im a firm believer in you get what you pay for.

At VBS the people are second to none, I was privelaged to go on lessons with different instructors, and they would teach you years knowledge. Which you then could use the best practices that worked for you. The instructors really make you feel confident and are very patient when explaining things.

I decided to take the 4 day DAS course, but with work commitments and family life I could not commit to an intensive course. I spoke to Michelle (The Boss) who was lovely, her customer service skills are absolutely awesome and she explained my options.

So between us we decided that we would spread the course over a 3 week period, which fit in perfectly with my busy schedule. I paid up and the only worry I had was not to forget my documents.

VBS supplied everything I would need to ride a bike, and also even included the bike. They bikes and equipment are top class, the bikes are constantly worked on and are in A1 condition. This made a difference to me personally as I felt like it was the full package. Correct equipment and a shiny bike.

I witnessed other bike school pupils sharing a battered old bike, wearing what can only described as smart casual clothing, sharing a jacket, helmet and gloves.

I knew then I had made the correct decision going with VBS. And the bonus was a first time pass on both modules.

So if your thinking about anything to do with biking then just call Valley Bike School, from taster session to full test and beyond. Collectively this group of instructors know everything there is to know. I cannot thank them enough for making my dream come true. But a special thanks to Michelle for her constant support, Tom for taking me through my MOD 1 and I cant thank Martyn enough for taking me for my MOD 2 and his constant support, knowledge and the confidence he gave me throughout my lessons with him.

Thanks everyone, I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends.

Mick (Rossendale) 22 October 2012



I have never ridden a motorbike before and went to Valley to do my CBT in September this year. Once out on the road I was hooked so booked the 6 day Direct Access course with them. They counted my CBT as the first day. Then I had a half day with Joe before passing my MOD1 the next day with NO faults. I was buzzing. The rest of my training was with various instructors including Joe, Glen, Bob and Tom. All of them were great. Finally after three and half more days training I did my MOD2 yesterday. PASSED WITH 0 POINTS. I can not recommend this school enough. Their prices are VERY competitive and the atmosphere is very welcoming. They can provide all the safety equipment or you can use your own. Altogether a very enjoyable experience.

David (Burnley) 21 October 2012

"VBS are true Pass Masters!"

I heard about Valley's reputation a few years ago and so I did my CBT with them (several times) and then finally bit the bullet this year and did a direct access course and with Valley's guidance got the pass. Valley's instructors are very professional, they never pressurise or belittle you but offer lots of encouragement and guidance. The easy going atmosphere in the school with learners and instructors of all levels is great and makes you feel immediately at home. I now have the headache of looking for a bigger bike now, but valley are even helping there by letting me go back and have a ride on their Kawasaki Versys. Thanks to all at Valley for all their help.

Justin (Burnley) 03/10/2012

"Valley Bike School Experience CBT then DAS"

The Valley Bike School Experience

I decided that this summer I would finally get round to doing a Direct Access Motorcycle training course.

I had already passed the Bike Theory Test earlier in the year so there would be one less thing to worry about.

I heard of VBS through a friend who passed with them a while ago , I couldn't do an Intensive course due to work and family commitments, so contacted VBS for the 1st step which in my case was a CBT course.

I borrowed all my equipment Helmet, gloves, Jacket and Bike/s. All were good condition, they have loads so you'll find something that fits.

The CBT took a full day, very enjoyable with our tutors for the day Ian and Tom, I managed to get out onto the road later in the day on a 500cc machine with the main man 'Joe' which boosted my confidence on a bike.

From then on I was in for training 2hrs on Sundays, I always learnt something on my lessons and always went home knowing I was a better/safer rider and driver.

The tutors really watch you and will let you know if you need to be aware of anything that might stop you passing the tests.

The post ride debriefs from Ian and Tom and the others are great you can ask questions and get the answers that will get you a Cat A full licence.

Very friendly people a great atmosphere which makes for a great school.

Very Happy :-) I passed both Modules 1st time :-)

Want to be cool ? Train with Valley Bike School

Chris (Bacup) 19/09/2012

"VBS Rocks"

From the moment I made the call to Valley Bike School to book a CBT to going for my mod 2 test (which I passed first go) Joe and his team have been very supportive throughout. They give you great advice and make you feel very welcome from day 1. In the past, I have done CBT's with other companies and a few bike lessons but none of them come close to VBS. The prices may have been cheaper but that was for obvious reasons - none come close to what VBS offer. A big thanks to all the team at VBS, I couldn't of done it without your help!

Stephen (Padiham) 19/09/12


All the guys at Valley Bike School are the best! I would never have passed without them and I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone there so THANK YOU!!! They were all kind and friendly and always up for a laugh but at the same time professional. I will never forget you guys who helped me live my dream xx see ya all soon xx

Georgina (Bacup) 19/09/12


After being silly and trying to save money, I booked a CBT for £90 with a DSA school which I thought was great. Boy was I wrong, the school and outfit was like going to a back street garage compared to VBS which is like a main dealer.

After my bad experience with my CBT, my boss and work colleagues told me to give VBS a try and after a call to Joe that's what I did and boy was I glad as what a team VBS has. I took Joe's advice and booked the 4 day course and from day 1 to the end I was treated more like a friend than a pupil and whats more you have more than 1 instructor and each one is so differnet but best of all they all sing from the same hymn sheet which means all you get is the best and safest learning you could ever need.

So it's a big thumbs up to Joe and the team at VBS and with a very big special thanks to the top instructors I had which was MARTIN, IAN AND BOB. THANKS GUYS.

John (Rochdale) 18/9/2012

"Simply the Best"

After having a bad experience doing my CBT elsewhere, I called into VBS to be met by Joe and Michelle. They were excellent, gave me a cuppa, put me at ease, gave me confidence and advised me of my options for learning to ride my bike and passing my test. I arrived for my first lesson, extremely nervous, hoping I didnt have any "make it stop" moments!! Completely un-necessary, all the instructors were marvellous (very calm and very patient). I cant thank you enough for getting rid of my bad habits and giving me confidence. I've now passed my mod 1 and 2. Thanks to Joe, Glen, Bob and Tom. Thank you sooooo much. Oh and Bob rocks!!

Yvette (Bury) 17/09/2012

"Old uns do it too !!!!!!!!!"

Now then , on speaking to Michelle and then making the plunge I arrived at valley bike school. I sensed a very relaxed atmosphere and openness and clarity in what was available and what was the plan to get me from a rider whos licence had lapsed back to a safe and competent rider. The courses are all suited to individualls and are totaly flexible, and the aim was always to accomodate everyone whatever. The first and very foremost thing I noted was that safety is paramount and that the instructors are all very hot on. Anyhow I worked at it with all the staff and eventually passed the test, of which now my son Oliver is taking. He's on the right track thanks to all. The cost to me seems very very fair and the staff are all approachable and relaxed, so there isnt a doubt in my mind and Oliver's mind that valley bike school are the best, and worth travelling a bit to get there and learn safely and proficiently to ride a motor bike. Many many thanks to all for the brilliant experience and making an old man happy. I wiill and do still go down and just ride out for a couple of hours all the best to all. Taa Michelle you have Joe weighed up... ur the boss too.

Norman (Rossendale) 16/09/2012

"Simply Amazing"

I took the 4 day course to pass my test for a restricted licence, I had it spread over 4 weeks around my very busy work schedule and I passed first time on everything. Everyone was so helpful, patient and clear spoken. Helped me with everything I struggled on and explained every questions I asked (Almost everything under the sun!) I passed with 1 minor and can now zip off with the big boys. Thanks so much VBS!! Recommendations for all my friends and family!!



The guys are great realy proffesional and help you in every aspect, would definately reccomend to anybody. Joe and his team make you feel like family rather than clients so it makes you feel at ease right away and they dont pressure you, its at your pace.

Brilliant and I hope they keep up the good work.

Peter (Rochdale) 05/09/2012

"Get a new lease of life, pass your test with VBS"

From my tentative enquiry about taking a CBT to passing my Module 2 at the first attempt, VBS have been friendly informative, always there to help and very professional all the way.

After reaching 50 years old and never having ridden on powered 2 wheels, I decided to take the plunge, that it was now or never and to be honest it's been so rewarding and fun, I have a new lease of life and feel young again. It's a joy to ride to and from work each day rain or shine.

I can't deny I was nervous, but all the helpful suggestions and tips have been invaluable and put forward in a way to encourage and turn me into a better rider, to the extent that when, after passing Module 1 at first attempt, when I took my Module 2 test I was confident I was riding well (as taught) and that it came as no surprise when the examiner told me I had passed with only 1 minor riding fault. It just seemed like a nice ride out with someone giving you instructions. I struggle to get the smile of my face, with the feeling of pride and achievement, thanks VBS for making so easy.

Go to VBS, pass your motorbike test and its fun, fun, fun.

Gordon (Waterfoot) 23/08/12

"Outstanding quality of service! No reason not to go to VBS!"

The instructors at Valley Bike School were very approachable and welcoming as soon as I stepped through the door. Even though I could already ride a motorbike, I still learnt so much from everyone at VBS and I now believe I am a much safer and efficient rider because of the professional advice I was given. Safety is paramount at Valley Bikes and I was not once made feel uncomfortable with what I was being instructed to do, they understand your riding ability and turn that into becoming a better motorcycle rider. All the equipment was provided and it was all good quality and I was warm and dry. The bikes are all almost brand new and are maintained very well. I was expecting to be riding old, dodgy motorbikes, but once again, quality and safety was an obvious trait at VBS and the bike I rode was perfect. Due to already knowing how to ride, I only had about 5 lessons before I took my MOD1 and MOD2 tests. Each of these lessons were very enjoyable and the time flew so fast!I would highly recommend Valley Bike School to anyone, even to people around my area (which is a good 50 miles away from Rossendale!). I would never have passed my test without the help from the amazing instructors at VBS and I now, proudly, have a full license! Special thanks to Tom who I was out with the most!

Joe (Cumbria) 17/08/12


Quite simply, I cannot rate these guys enough. I have never ridden before, so went and had a wobbly taster session, apparently not falling off means it was a successful session :) Joe was very patient with me, and made the session a lot of fun. Attempted CBT mark 1, and didn't get as far as the road riding bit, but that was down to me and not the instructors. Did CBT mark 2, and sailed through it. All the instructors are friendly and down to earth, they don't yell at you if you get it wrong, they make learning a lot of fun, and they are very encouraging. They allow you to keep practising until you have it and don't make you feel pressured to get it right every time. All they want is to make you a safe rider, oh and be warned, at the end of the day your face will hurt.... smiling while riding in mandatory.

Joanne (Padiham) 10/08/12

"Even An 'Old Dog' Can Learn!"

At 50 years old, after 2 years on a 125cc, I felt ready to go for my full bike licence and was recommended to VBS by a workmate. There were slightly cheaper bike schools around but my sons had poor service on their CBT's so I decided to take his advice and contacted Joe. Glad I did. The training was great, the instructors make you relax from the off and you get so much from each ride without realising it. I struggled with my Mod 1 which I put down to my age (balance must be going) and nerves, but eventually with Tom's help (boy, is he patient) I got there. However I actually enjoyed my Mod 2 test as I was so comfortable with the roads and with what I had learnt and passed first time. As well as now having my full licence I also feel I am a better/safer biker and actually enjoy my rides out more as my confidence has grown. Currently bidding on a 'Bandit 600cc' on ebay so you on the road soon. Thanks to everyone at Valley Bike School!

Steve (Rochdale) 05/08/12

"Simply Brilliant - Professional, genuine, dedicated staff "

I cannot imagine there are many companies with staff as good as this lot ! VBS was reccomended by 2 friends of mine and I have received invaluable tuition. I travelled 40+ miles round trip and could have taken a more local company but in hindsight the milage and fuel to get to VBS was worth every penny ! Each of the instructors I went out with have their own unique qualities and were all so helpful and dedicated to making the whole experience enjoyable and uplifting. The guidance I received was second to none and was all in a tasteful and lighthearted but genuine manner, from ensuring I listened and corrected any bad habits to positioning, checks, and lifesavers ! I recommend VBS to any potential 'want 2 b biker' !

Mark (Oldham) 30/07/12

"What a journey"

Well what can I say, from a very wobbly taster session to full bike test (via Direct Access)in 9 weeks, all completed at times that suited my busy working life. I have nothing but praise for Joe and all the instructors who made my journey exciting, smooth and uneventful (not). All the instructors are highly skilled, motivated and passionate about biking and always give good positive feedback. The only downside was the weather as I can't recall having a dry lesson, even Joe couldn't fix that. So its a big thank you to you all, I'll be recommending the Valley Bike School to all, you haven't seen the last of me.

Alan (Burnley) 18/07/2012

"Would just like to say a big thank you to all at Valley Bike School"

I hadn't ridden since I was 18 so i was a bit nervous but the instructors soon put you at ease. I've heard nothing but good reviews about Valley Bike School and after been there myself I would highly recommend them.


Gareth (Bury) 13/07/2012

"The best thing I have ever done and the best place to do it"

I can't think of a better place to learn to ride a motorbike. The location just couldn't be better, with a wide variety of roads. Lessons usually start and finish on the great country roads leading to and from the bike school! The instructors are just amazing and I actually mean amazing as I wasn't the most confident of learners and never once did I feel that they had any doubt in me, never once did they lose patience with me (I was very testing too!) I passed my Mod 2 with flying colours first time! They go that extra mile for people. The atmosphere around the bike school is the friendliest and most relaxed with a brew never too far away! I really recommend Valley Bike School, the people really make the place what it is, the level of tuition is second to none and the location is perfect.

Debbie (Blackburn) 28/06/12

"VBS That Rocks. No other place Like it! Super Star Crew"

I would Like to give my review and explain the high level of support and Professional service that Valley Bike School offers. I Have done My DAS with VBS, 6 Day package all the times were arranged around Me because I am a single parent and with my children at school. I was on strict times. With another School they said tuff these are the Hrs... so that was not what I was looking for, I was looking for a school that would not just take your money and teach you and just try and put you in for your mod 1 mod 2 and hope for the best. With VBS This is what I got from them, totally understanding of my situation, hours to accommodate me, they listen, teach and listen to your problems around riding, they give you confidence and guide you through the process. I have to say that the business runs very smoothly and always is busy with pupils, the atmosphere is electric they are so enthousiastic about there aproach to pass on there knowledge, this makes it fun and enjoyable and not just shouting in your ear where you go wrong, they get the message across with empathy. I passed Mod 1 first time... Mod 2 First Time... I have bad habits from previous riding around on a CBT, yes I could ride but not to test standard. But VBS don't stop there They don't just get you to standard test level, its more and more every time you go out on the road or off the road, there is always input. My instructor that I had was Martin, he Is really helpful and very very Knowledgeable, Then Tom... he is very helpful, always listens then he corrects you and just basically calms you, he is a calm person very helpful and I enjoyed riding out with the knowledge that Martin, Tom, Bob, its not just for Test Pass its for Life at least If I stick to what I have been shown and educated about Bikes and safe riding at least I can and have the skills to be safe on the road as best as I can. VBS is a safe, Positive attitude friendly...... I would Love to do it all again... Mod 2 Test did not feel like a test because the skills for life that VBS have given me made me feel safe and just a Normal ride out. I am glad I went with VBS as I don't belive that there is another school local or around that offers the same level as Valley Bike School. Great Bikes, great gear and trust. Thank you very much to Joe and Michelle for having such the passion about your business.

Neal (Nelson) 18/06/12

"You want to be the best? Learn from the best"

I booked my lessons 3 and half weeks ago now I have my full cat A licence thanks to these guys, so chilled out no pressure and lots of fun and a big thanks to Bob, 5 star service and value for your money. Look no further than Valley Bike School. Thanks Guys

James Egan (Bacup) 14/06/2011

"The VERY BEST SCHOOL of motorcycle training"

I have completed all my training with Valley Bike School. I started with a taster session with Michelle as I wasnt sure whether I would like it or not - I loved it. From then on I booked my CBT course and then had lessons at my own pace, there was no pressure from the guys to book lessons. Everyone there put you at ease and were very professional always emphasising safety. We all had laughs and jokes along the way, every one was treated alike whether you were male or female, you were a rider first and foremost. I have recommended them to everyone I have met and my husband is now going to learn too. I cant thank these guys enough for all they have done, not just the lessons but all the other information you aquire along the way and the confidence they have in your abilities. When you pass your test you can still call in for a brew when passing - mine's tea no sugar thanks Bob.

Linda (Burnley) 13/06/12

"Thoroughly professional and relaxed"

Having had a bad experience when in my twenties, I had always been very wary about riding again. However, I decided to take the plunge and wanted a good and recognized school to train with. Valley Bike School are that and more. Professional, educational, friendly, calming and they help you gain your confidence at your pace. All the instructors I rode with were absolutely brilliant. I will definitely be recommending these guys to everyone. Thank you VBS for a great experience and excellent training.

Ibrar (Burnley) 22/05/12


I can't add much more really to what has already been said by others but if you are thinking of getting on a bike, you have to try this place. 5 weeks ago I had never sat on a bike. Today I passed my test with 3 minors and that is a credit to the instructors at this school. I done 1 hour taster. A CBT. 3 Lessons. Module 1 test. Module 2 test, and Theory. All organised in a package that suited my working hours. I had a great laugh and really enjoyed going for the lessons. Joe is the big guy who runs the show and if you can remember that Joe is always right you will breeze through it! All instructors are VERY VERY good. There is a good atmosphere. A good variety of bikes to learn on for all shapes and sizes, and these guys also sell clothing and helmets at cost price for students so it is really a one stop shop place. Had a very enjoyable experience and hope I see these guys again out on the road! THANK YOU VALLEY BIKE SCHOOL

P.S. Bring cakes on your first lesson. They have a thing about cakes  :)

David (Burnley) 17/05/12

"VBS = Fun, Friendly, Professional and a safe experience"

I've been saying for many years that I will get my bike license and I never took the plunge until now. I looked for motorcycle schools reviews in my local area but nothing caught my eye until I came across the 5* VBS reviews, it was a 90 minute round trip, but well worth the travel. I booked a 6 day course over a couple of weeks and passed my DAS with no faults; thanks VBS I owe you one. Right from the outset, Joe and Michelle Vaiders, Tom and Bob made me feel very welcome, from organising a taster session to taking my CBT and DAS. This is the first time I have been on a motorcycle and the learning experience was amazing. You can't fault VBS, safety always comes first and you will feel safe and confident by the time you get on the road. You are never criticised or shouted at and are given regular debriefs throughout the day to help you understand where you may lack confidence, and they work in building this up to make you a safe rider. If you are thinking of getting your bike license, then you have to give Valley Bike school a call, you will be looked after.

P.S Bob makes great coffee :-)

Kristaan (Leigh) 4/05/12

"Looking for a Bike School? Your Search is Over "

From CBT to full licence in a 6 day course, BRILLIANT. From the first phone call to the Mod 2 test everything is booked for you. The bikes and kit are excellent, the instruction is top notch.

Just listen to the voice in your ear as you are riding and you can't go wrong.

Passed my Mod 1 and 2 with NO MINORS. After the Mod 2 test the examiner actually said he enjoyed the ride. You can't argue with that.

It's a testament to the fantastic instruction from the dedicated, knowledgeable instructors. Thanks to Joe and Tom, and a special thanks to Bob who I did most of my training with. (Helmet getting tighter Bob?)

My only regret is I should have done it years ago!

Keep up the good work, see you on the road.

Tony (Rossendale) 22/04/12

"Dream come true!"

I can't explain just how happy I am now I've passed my test! Five hours later and I'm still grinning and bound to be grinning all week long. Major thanks to Valley Bike School, especially Bob & Tom for training me and being so patient and friendly. If you're looking to do your test then look no further, you'll find everything you need with these guys.

Thanks again! I'm off to destroy my L plates!

Charlotte (Nelson) 11/04/12

Novice Nerves??... Not with the Valley Bike School!!  ;)

Well back on a cold winter's morning in November I decided that I needed to do something to get me through the winter months.... I know... I'll learn to ride a bike!!... So I tentatively rang VBS and spoke to Joe who persuaded me to come try a taster session to see if I liked it before embarking on a course of lessons...

....and from that moment on I was hooked!! :) and the best decision ever!....and it's been fun every step of the way.. from pinning Tom (VBS instructor) to the fence after a bit of target fixation to dodging geese, the first scary time I changed from a 125cc to a 500cc, rabbits, and the odd hailstone and force gale winds I battled through with the help and Mantras of Tom and Joe in my head!..they've been there every step of the way! :)

The whole team are so friendly and encouraging... even feeling my pain after failing Mod 2 the 1st time and I cried! but I got back on the bike a couple of days later and and was even more determined to pass the 2nd time, and with the help of the guys at VBS I finally passed!! :) yay!

My only regret?.... wishing I had learned to ride much sooner!! Would deffo recommend to my friends...(and have done!)..thanks again you guys and can't wait to ride with you all again soon! :)

Michelle (Ashton-U-Lyne) 27/03/12


I know a lot of people say this but I can honestly say that Valley Bike School in my eyes are the best bike school in the country!! Relaxed, easy to get on with, patient, vast knowledge, everything from my CBT to the end of MOD 2 these guys are fantastic and I promise you will not be dissapointed!!

Tom (Barnoldswick ) 26/03/12

Awesome team to learn with!!

Thanks guys for everything. It's been a pleasure learning with you! Special thanks to Bob for all his help. Will see you guys soon.

Dave (Heywood) 19/03/12

Thanks VBS

Just want to say a massive thank you to all the instructors at Valley Bike School. I had next to no experiance on a bike but the quality of the training and support is second to none. From the taster session I had to passing my mod 2 today it has been just four weeks. All the instructors are fantastic at what they do. Tom, Martyn and Bob thanks for all your help.

P.S. Bob is as good as he says he is!

Dom (Heywood) 16/03/12

Well Chuffed

All I can say is:

WOW, I Passed.

A big thank you to Bob, Tom and Joe the instructors that trained me.

Loved every second of the training, its like one happy family at V.B.S the crack is great.

Ian (Rochdale) 8/03/12

At 42 I finally scratched that ITCH!!!!!

Having always had that itch to learn how to ride a motorbike, I just never scratched it until now! My father in law went for a one day refresher course at 65 with Valley Bike School (VBS) and then recommended them to me. From the very off they were absolutely fantastic with me. I loved every minute of the training. Stepping up from a 125cc to a 500cc seemed a little daunting but it was made easy by the confidence that Joe and the team give you at every stage. They are watching you like hawks and giving you clear instructions and help to improve throughout. Passed all elements first time. Its true too smiling is a legal requirement at VBS. I am smiling typing this. To all those who follow me - Go for it whatever your age or gender. Its the best thing ever.....and made even better by Joe, Michelle and the Team. Special thanks to Bob (the flea in my ear) Martyn (the big push at the end) Tom (Mod 1 assist) and Dave who gave me the taster session and kept me inspired to continue......Now to keep that learning up, keep safe and ENJOY THE ROAD

Cheers VBS

PS - I did the course Jan/Feb 2012 (WINTER) I would recommend not necessarily waiting for better weather to do the course because now I have passed I have the SUMMER to look forward to......Go for it

Darren (Burnley) 22/02/12

"The perfect mix of professionalism and friendly good nature"

Having never ridden a bike or driven a car, I took the 6 day direct access course with Valley Bike School. On a cold, snow and ice ridden, February morning I passed my test first time. I can't thank these guys enough.

All the team are cheerful and informative in such a way that I always had my mistakes explained to me so as to improve rather than limit my confidence. The only time I had doubts as to whether this was something I could do was before I rung to book the course. From there on, I was certain I was in the right hands.

The equipment is all in excellent condition and the bike you prefer is almost always the one you get to ride.

I can't recommend these guys enough. Go with them!!!

Alex (Rossendale) 14/02/12

"Fun Safe Learning"

A truly fun and safe learning experience delivered by knowledgeable instructors. I can still hear Joe's voice in my head giving me gentle nudges to make my riding as safe and enjoyable as possible and of course "You must smile whilst riding it is the law!"

I went from "Zero" big bike experience to "Hero" pass first time Nil Points thanks to the great way that the team coach you through the whole process.

Thoroughly recommended.

Andrew (Rossendale) 4/1/12

"Absolutely First Class"

After a particularly bad experience with a cowboy outfit (Safe4life) who did not provide what they promised, (long story) I booked my son on a CBT course with VBS. Joe talked me through things over the phone and booked him in for the next day. We arrived at the agreed time and the greeting could not have been any friendlier. The set up is excellent with a wide choice of bikes to choose from and they also had a wide selection of equipment and other biking goods to choose from. Much better than working from a container on a disused parking lot. I was happy to leave my son in what i considered to be professional hands.

My son passed the CBT and thouroghly enjoyed the day. I would recommend VBS to anyone wanting to take a CBT or Test.

Well done boys

Nigel (Heywood) 29/12/11


My wife got me a CBT lesson with Valley Bike School for my 35th birthday in late January. Everyone at VBS are great characters and extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They provided all the gear and overall it was a fantastic day. That day gave me the bug for riding and after that I just wanted more. I then took lessons and passed my Direct Access tests less than 4 months later :)

Friendly, professional, good value for money and got me right from not having a CBT to passing my Direct Access first time. I couldn't have asked for more.

Rob (Rossendale) 4/12/11

"Old Dog, New Tricks!"

With much talk in my house about a midlife crisis looming, i could see there was going to be some powerful persuasion needed on my part to overcome my wife's aversion to me taking my bike test.

I finally convinced her that over 30 years driving experience would keep me safe and that the obstacle of passing my test would be a minor issue.That was my first mistake! (and I can assure you I made plenty more whilst in the saddle over the coming weeks).The one mistake I didn't make was in the choice of bike school!

Valley Bike School is a professional and fun place to learn to ride a motorcycle safely with the goal of not only passing your test, but for the building blocks to be put in place for your future safety on the road.It was some 32 years ago that i last twisted the throttle of a motor bike, with all the power of a modern lawnmower!

Here I was about to embark on a direct access course that would see me able to ride any bike I wanted.From the outset the staff made you feel more than welcome and soon had you laughing and smiling (usually at my expense!) In this relaxed atmosphere at Valley Bike School.

Ian (Earby) 1/12/11

"Valley Bike School made it happen."

With a large birthday looming next year and a promise to self that I should have a bike by the time the event occurs, I armed myself with a mug of tea and scanning Google for 'motorcycle training'.

Having ridden dirt bikes when I was a youngster, to my way of thinking, getting my test passed was just a formality.

I did my research and Valley Bike School seemed to be recommended, it wasn't that far away, so I picked up the phone and spoke at length with the lovely Michelle.

I was after getting my mod 2 which would allow me to ride any size of bike. But before I could get my Mod 2 I had to get my Mod 1 and before I could get my Mod 1, I had to pass a CBT course and a theory test! Blimey, I've been driving cars for 30 years but I had to start right from the beginning again?

My mate Ian (who also wanted to get his bike test) and I duly booked on a 'taster' session for £30 just to see if we really wanted to go ahead and do the full monty.

The session was carried out in a safe enclosed environment with a couple of the excellent Valley Bike School instructors. It was brilliant and we both knew we had to go for it.

We took our CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2 all at our leisure and convenience. We could have done it quicker, we could have done it slower, there is no pressure whatsoever from VBS. (They will of course tell you if they don't feel you are up to taking the next step).

The whole ethos of Valley Bike School right from the owner Joe to the excellent trainers is safety and fun.

From the moment you walk in the door you are accepted as one of the family. They care about you the individual and what best suits you.

Safety is as it should be - paramount.

Everything you are taught is about keeping you the rider alive and safe.

Don't get me wrong, the fun element is very much there too, and you are as well having a quick wit, especially around Joe! If you give him the bullets, he's very quick with the gun!

If like me, you think after all this time driving a car you can walk into a test centre and pass your bike test, then you are very much mistaken.

I cannot recommend Valley Bike School and it's instructors highly enough. Many of them are ex-or present Police riders and with a sense of humour!

I now feel both ready and very confident that I'm armed with enough knowledge to start learning how to ride a bike safely on the road and stay alive.

Many thanks to all at Valley Bike School, I will be popping in from time to time to have a brew and a chat.

Mark (Earby) 30/11/11

"Valley Bike School!!!"

The best word that sums up Valley Bike School is (GENUINE)!!!

The people at valley bike school are polite, helpful & GENUINE! which is more than can be said for (Name of other School). The place i trained before I met the professionals !.. (Name of other school) are very unprofessional, unhelpful & brief who provide old dodgy bikes covered in tape!! & their only concern is about making money!!..

As for Valley bike school they offer the best service you could possibly wish for with new well maintained bikes, a polite attitude with plenty of patience for explaining matters thoroughly. I cannot thank Valley Bike School enough for boosting my confidence and helping me to pass my motorbike test!..

Would recommend to anyone who wants (PROFESSIONAL) training for a motorbike licence... 5 STAR!!!

Kristian (Bury) 26/11/11


Valley Bike School are excellent. They seem to have met a situation which is very rare these days. Complete professionalism combined with a fantastic attitude towards students and yet having a complete understanding of customer care and quality.

The people who operate Valley Bike School are very easy going. This immediately makes you feel comfortable and welcome the minute you walk through the door.

Take my word for it.I had previously booked a direct access course with another organisation in Lancashire. I paid for a five day course but after just over an hour I told the instructor his attitude was disgusting and very negative. I cancelled any further training and two days later moved to Valley Bike School.

Here are the results in less than three weeks. Full confidence in riding a motorbike from being frightened by previous training school. Module 1 passed first time with no major or minor faults. Module 2 passed first time with no major or minor faults. A comment from the examiner that it was a pleasure to do the test. This isn't because I am a superb biker or have experience, it's because Valley Bike School have excellent instructors combined with a positive and happy attitude. I can't praise or recommend them enough. Wherever you are in the country you will not find a better Motorbike training organisation.

P.S. Unlike the poor training school I booked with initially Valley Bike School provide all motorbike clothing if you need it as part of the cost.

John (Rochdale) 18/11/11


I took my Module 1 & 2 with the Valley Bike school and only had a few weeks in which to pass both as I had already booked to travel around India with friends on motorbikes - No pressure there then!! Michelle and Joe were really helpful in finding me the odd hour here and there and very professional. The whole experience was made thoroughly enjoyable and I passed both first time with their help.I did make it back from India in one piece even though the conditions were horrendous. So a huge thank you to you both.

Allan (Saddleworth) 7/11/11

"Absolutely brilliant from day one!!"

At VBS everybody is greeted with a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere. Having never ridden a bike before going to VBS, I was quite nervous, but all my nerves and apprehension was set aside within moments of stepping foot in the building.

The training provided by them is second to none! Using humour, fun, and great personality to make the whole experience as fun as possible, with only one mandatory requirement for the CBT - SMILE!

Thanks to the friendly nature and relaxed atmosphere there, all aspects of my training was done through VBS, Pre-CBT, right through to the MOD2, without a single bit of pressure.

Paul (Burnley) 20/10/11

"The Full Monty"

Started with CBT, instructors really friendly a few a bit dodgy Ha Ha.

Calm and relaxing atmosphere you can have a laugh but the training is taken seriously as it should be which meant i passed my CBT without any problems.

From there 2 day intense training on the road, this was a very enjoyable two days and enjoyed being on a 500cc bike than a small 125cc.

Went on to take my Mod 1 which i passed with no problems, through the good training of my instructor. Two weeks later i passed my Mod 2 with only a couple of minor faults.

Very happy to have had my training with Valley Bike School, The instructor's are brilliant,helpful and made my experience with them very relexing and enjoyable.

I would recommend Vally Bike School, they gave me what I wanted, A FULL BIKE LICENCE.

Thank you to all the staff.

Passed on 28th June 2011

Andrew (Rochdale) 12/08/11


Without doubt, Valley Bike School is the ONLY place to learn to ride a m/bike. From the moment you step through the door you instantly feel at ease all thanks to the highly experienced and incredibly friendly instructors. I personally passed my module 1 & 2 test through VBS and could not reccomend it enough. Now I've passed I have become a member of the 'exclusive' 6.5 club. A place where you meet other m/bike enthusiasts and without doubt the friendliest bunch of people you could ever wish to meet!! Thank you to everyone at VBS!! :)

Darren (Burnley) 08/07/11

"A great school"

I can't recommend VBS enough ! All the team were patient and good humoured. They made sure I was learning at my own pace and coped well with me being a nervous learner. Bob was an absolute star, a great instructor but also just a really nice guy to spend time with. They aren't kidding when they say that safety is at the core of all they do, there are no egos or posturing, just good rigorous teaching. I stayed in the area for a 5 day "residential" DAS and VBS looked after me, recommending a great B&B and making sure I could get to the supermarket etc. There really is a family feel to VBS and I really wish I lived in the north so I could pop by and see them. A fantastic bike school that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn to ride.

Kate (London) 18/06/11

After having bike lessons bought for me

as a present I was nervous to say the least! No need Valley where FANTASTIC. No pressure, patient, made the whole experience fun and extremely enjoyable. All the equipment is there if you dont have it. If anyone is thinking of learning I would definately recommend them.

Vicky (Oldham) 14/05/11

I highly recommend Valley Bike School

The staff know what they are doing are are all very friendly.At no point did I feel pressured or pushed, and on the other hand I didn't feel that they were dragging things out so I had to pay more money! The lessons were good fun and they taught me how to ride confidently and most importantly safely. I Would happily say to anybody give them a go!with my previous bike school I was recommended the Valley Bike School.

Jamie (Rochdale) 04/05/11

Valley Bike School does exactly what it says on the tin

CBT 3 lessons DAS pass first time what more can you ask, well here you don't need to ask. Great instructors that really now how to get across the knowledge you need in a very friendly and fun but professional manner. My wife (who would not go near a bike) went and did a taster session now she is going to do her CBT and my son will be going next year, what more of a recommendation do you need.

Andy (Oldham) 24/03/11

Without hesitation I would recommend Valley Bike School (Rossendale)

to all bikers. The experience was fantastic from the start and the atmosphere is very relaxed, the lessons are informative and fun and the equipment and selection of learner bikes are very good.

All the staff have a great sense of humour and you're made to feel welcome at all times.

They have a selection of courses which represent great value for money and with Valley Bike School you could pass quicker than you think.

5 *****

John (Rochdale) 22/02/11

Unhappy with my previous bike school I was recommended Valley Bike School

It is in my opinion, without doubt, the only School you should go to if you want to learn how to ride & pass your test securely & safely in a happy & totally professional atmosphere.

You don't just learn how to ride a motorbike, but how to be safe on the roads.

Thanks to Joe & Michelle, but especially to my amazing instructor, Bob, who gave me the confidence & the ability to pass my Module 2 today.

Michael Pawlowski (Manchester) 1/02/11

I've wanted to do my motorbike licence for years

Unfortunately my parents would have disowned me if I'd have done it when I was a teenager. Then real life got in the way and over the following too many years working abroad, injuries and a long distance relationship (involving flights) took away what money and ability to pass the test I had.

Finally, I got to the point where I was able to do it.

I asked various friends who have ridden for years if they knew anywhere good to learn.

They answered no but they knew Valley Bike School!

From the first point of contact to finally passing the test I can say without a doubt (or receiving a bribe!) that I have enjoyed almost every minute of learning.

It would have been every minute but I was rubbish at slow speed manoeuvrability in the beginning.

I have now passed my test but during the course of this venture have discovered friends who I will ride with and see out on the roads for years to come.

To all at Valley Bike School - Thank you, I appreciate it.

Ian (Bury) 21/01/11

Valley Bike School from cbt to mod 2 have been fantastic

I passed mod 1 & 2 first time thanks to everybody at the school, you will not find a friendlier school anywhere, you are made very welcome from day one and it's a credit to them all many thanks for everything and see you all very soon...

Antony (Rossendale) 15/12/10

Having rode my bike for around a year

I decided to do my full bike test. I had already done my CBT with another bike company and also already done my theory test beforehand. I did 4 days with VBS passed my MOD 1 first time and a week later and only a few hours on the road I passed my MOD 2 again first time.

The trainers at Valley Bike School are all very well experienced and well trained. They all know what they are on about and are all very friendly, from the first thing walking in and feeling nervous they put you at ease. They have all decent bikes you ride and practice on and they are all very well looked after. They have all the kit and gear you need, helmets, clothing, gloves and the trendy looking Hi Vis jacket too!! I am now a proud member of the "Friends of Valley Bike School" forum. I'm looking forward to getting my new bike (It's in progress) and going out on a ride out with them all on one Sunday morning.

I would definitely recommend Valley Bike School to anyone who is thinking about taking there test or even if you're not sure give them a call and they have all the time in the world to chat to you.

Thanks again to Joe, Bob & Martyn! See you again soon on a Sunday morning ride out hopefully.

Chris (Rossendale) 23/11/10

Great team at Valley Bikes

sound and well looked after bikes. Can't thank you enough for all your encouragement and motivation. These guys know about bikes and how to teach people to ride them. I'm looking forward to revisiting the shop for a catch up and a brew......see you soon.

Guy (Burnley) 10/11/10

Had a fantastic time at the school

no pressure, every thing done at your pace. Would recommend to any one thinking of taking their test. Bob you deserve a bonus! 3 Passes in one day ahhhh but your coffee making skills need fine tuning. Keep up with the good work and thank you.

Dave (Rossendale) 9/11/10

I'd been badly let down by a previous bike school

and happened on Valley by chance. The friendly and almost casual professionalism of the whole team was a real confidence booster that saw me through my MOD1 at the first attempt. When I said I would rather do the MOD2 on familiar roads in my home town, Bob (the Valley instructor) actually recommended a local school and gave me the contact details and Joe has been in touch since to see if I've passed. It feels like family! I can offer a firm recommendation to anyone considering training with Valley.

Simon (Cumbria) 6/11/10

After trawling the internet for a CBT course

I found that VBS were not the cheapest, but after reading their website and speaking to Joe (who I assume is the owner) I decided take my son there. Boy am I glad I did, from the first minute he was put at his ease, all nerves dispelled (with a nice cup of tea). My son thoroughly enjoyed his day with VBS and if the bike bug continues this is the only place he will do his training. I was so impressed by the set up I might give it a go myself in the summer. I have now read the reviews on this site and I have to say I and my son agree with every one of them. My lad cannot stop talking about it.

Brent (Rochdale) 8/10/10

What a great pleasure to have trained with VBS

nothing is too much trouble for the Family, from Uncle Joe, Auntie Shell, and of course Uncle Bob. They all make you feel like one big happy family, with relaxing playful banter, but still maintaining the highest level of tuition, and of course the highest level of safetey. With the best all round equipment for the job in hand, this really is the ONLY place to do your bike training.

Derek (Oldham) 17/09/10

Having never ridden motorcycle before

I passed my test in 7 lessons. This is a reflection of the quality of instruction given by the staff at Valley Bike School. Provided you are willing to listen, you'll have the best chance at success. I would look no further than Valley Bike School.

Lee (Bury) 17/09/10

If anyone is considering going through the training at Valley Bikes

you won't find a better company to do it with. Right from the first day your confidence is built up over a short period of time, all the staff a very friendly and experts in their field. The equipment is all included, and is all of a high quality and fits all sizes. The bikes are kept in the best possible condition ready for the trainees on arrival. You work at your speed and only when your ready, you will be put through the testing modules. A fantastic experience and a time I won't forget.

Cheers Valley Bike School.

Scott (Burnley) 09/09/10

Excellent experience from start to finish

Great team of staff who put you at ease, making sure you enjoy your time with them but always with safety at the forefront. In my opinion, Valley Bike School are simply the best and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who wants to do either their CBT or Direct Access etc, with plenty of information available about both on the website. Big thank you Valley for helping me pass the big bike test!!!! :-)

Paul (Rochdale) 09/09/10

I would recommend Valley Bike School

to anyone wanting to learn to ride. I have just passed my restricted licence with them from total beginner. Everyone there is patient, professional and friendly - what more could you ask for? Thanks to all, but especially to Bob who had to put up with me most of the time!!

Mike (Fylde) 27/08/10

I am going through my mid life crisis

and decided to get my motorcycle licence. Wasn't sure how to go about it Valley Bike School was recommended to me luckily. I went for a taster ride with the intention of just to have a go see if you like it sort of thing. Joe Bob and Michelle made my training so much good fun I kept having lessons 5 days training over a few weeks used the school bike and loved every minute. I can recommend V.B.S you are made to feel welcome, even when pass you don't want to stop going to V.B.S. I think that's why they have their own bike club. Keep up the good work. A BIG THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP AND SUPPORT I GOT TO GET ME THROUGH MY TEST

Steve (Oldham) 20/08/10

I didn't really have a clue when it came to bike training schools

so I thought I'd start the easy way and find the nearest. Luckily this turned out the be VBS. I couldn't find a bad review about them so I signed up for a taster session. Now after having passed my CBT and direct access, I can only add another glowing review. Really good fun and excellent teaching and encouragement from Bob, Joe, Michelle and team.

Even if Bob does write most of the reviews himself, as he claims, he isn't lying. This is a highly recommended bike school.

James (Rossendale) 12/08/10

Did my cbt and mod 1 and mod 2 with Valley

passed with flying colours and had fun too. A big thanks to Joe Michelle and Bob (I'm on a diet, fancy a burger king!!!!) Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to ride a motorbike safely and pass the test first time thanks again VBS keep on riding!!!!

Jon (Bacup) 7/08/10

Read this its my TRUE story

Not been on a bike since my MTX 125.(19) AM 43 now so I thought I'll try for my test. Phoned Valley Bike School up (also a few others) on wed 17th June Booked me in for my Theory on the 18th (passed) Then booked me for my CBT on Sat 19th (passed). The next available spot for my Mod 1 was July 7th so had 1 lesson before that on the 29th June. Then had my Mod1 (passed). They then booked me in for my Mod2 12th July (cancelled due to the test centre). Rebooked for the 29th July (passed).

This was done all under £500.00 pounds because the staff were honest and true and told me what to go for and how to do it. They were brill. (Cheers Bob for all your time and effort. Also Michelle for keeping in touch by phone and e-Mails.

Thanks to all at Valley Bike School.

Cheers Graham

P.S. (thanks Joe for the Mc DONALDS)

Graham (Oldham) 3/08/10

Had my CBT on Saturday after being on a taster session the previous Sunday for an hour

Can't fault the trainers, equipment or the facilities (Tea included). The emphasis was always on safety. All my questions were answered and nerves settled within minutes of arriving there.

The whole day flew by and will be back there to do my full test next spring.

The most fun I've had in ages :)

Steve (Bury) 2/08/10

If you're looking to do your bike licence

look no further than these guys! Cant praise them enough! Very friendly atmosphere about the place, which puts your nerves at ease straight away. equipment-wise 10 out of 10! Everything provided for you. Done the 5 day intense course, would have gone from no riding/driving experience on the roads whatsoever, to getting my licence in 5 days, only for a very silly mistake through no fault but my own (huff). Never mind, put straight back in for the Mod 2 and 2 weeks later passed!!. Big massive thanks to Joe an Bob who made my dream come true.. or is it Bob an Joe?? haha (Joke Joe you know what I mean!) These guys are the best around make no mistake about it! The day I travelled up from Liverpool for the Mod 2 again I was horrifyingly late due to rail service! Without a thought, Joe was there ready to meet me with my gear the moment I stepped off the train. That gives you an idea what the guys at Valley Bikes are about, willing to go the extra mile for you... or 5 eh Joe!! Ha Ha. Going anywhere else would be cheating yourself!!!!!! Again big thanks to Michelle Joe bob!!! and all at Valley Bikes... Chuffed to bits!!!!!!

Steve (Liverpool) 27/07/10

I attended Valley Bike School Rawtenstall with some trepidation

being the only "Mod" in a biker environment and a Yorkshireman in Lancashire to boot..! I could not have been made more welcome... The standard of training was exceptional with all instructors highly competent and with greatest emphasis on safety safety...!! Fantastic course all round and highly recommended for any level of rider to attain the required licence.. Well done Joe, Michelle, Martin and especially Bob who is just the calming influence required on test day...! I did a theory test, CBT, and Mods 1 & 2 all in one week... Fantastic support and highly recommended.. Recommended to me by a car driving school in Yorkshire....!!!! Can't say better than that...!!!

Stephen (Skipton) 23/07/10

Great bike school would recommend to anyone

I had never ridden before and passed my test within the 5 day course and felt safe on my own. Very friendly and very good teachers both in riding and on the safety side.

Andrew (Burnley) 19/07/10

My friend had recently done a course with Valley Bike School

and I've always fancied a bike so I booked a 5 day course with VBS over a week I had off work.

I really enjoyed my training and as long as you listened to what they had to say and took it on board you were laughing. I really enjoyed tuition off Joe and Bob who were a great help and thanks to them passed my mod 1 and 2 with no minor faults. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn to ride a bike 10 out of 10.

Cheers guys

Ben (Burnley) 17/07/10

When I started thinking about doing my Bike License

two friends both recommended Valley Bike School and I can totally see why they would. I went from having never rode a geared bike to now having a full motorbike licence in the space of 6 or so days spread over 2 months (due to work commitments).

Valley Bike School were incredibly flexible and could fit lessons around my schedule, and as I was a total novice I had none of my own gear so I got to use theirs which was always clean and in fantastic condition.

Whilst there I had the fantastic tuition of both Joe and Bob who honestly couldn't of been better instructors. They teach you all that you need to know but also treat as a friend rather than just a client. So much so every week I was looking forward to riding just to have the banter with the instructors.

As you can tell from going from a total beginner to a full bike licence in the equivalent of 6 days VBS are not in the business of ripping you off, as soon as your ready they'll put you in for your tests.

I couldn't recommend Valley Bike School highly enough, they were fantastic. Special Thanks to Michelle Joe and Bob for all of their hard work and for showing me what a pleasure biking can be and the camaraderie that goes with it. Don't bother going anywhere else, Valley Bike School has it all.

Dave (Oldham) 24/06/10

A very professional and friendly bike school

and whilst the emphasis is on safety. They also make it fun and enjoyable.

All the equipment is first class and the instructors, especially Joe and Bob were always patient and I was always made to feel comfortable and at ease which is obviously great for confidence, especially having never ridden a bike before.

I really enjoyed my time at VBS and would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn to ride.

Chris (Rochdale) 4/06/10

Brilliant training and good solid equipment

Joe and Bob both did a fantastic job and I would recommend anybody doing there training to use Valley Bike School. The training is well structured and never rushed. I really enjoyed the time at VBS. You feel like you are amongst friends and it does wonders for your confidence on the bike. If they seem far from you it is worth the journey (25 miles for me) for great training in a fantastic environment.

David (Manchester) 4/06/10

Quick to assess your abilities

totally committed to teaching safe riding, the whole thing was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I would recommend them to any new learner, whether they are interested in mopeds or muscle bikes.

I found everyone friendly, very professional, and easy to learn from, all their bikes and equipment are first rate, and kept in clean tiptop condition.

Roy (Bury) 31/05/10

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