Practical Motorcycle Test

Before you can throw away your L plates and get yourself a bigger bike, you need to convince a DSA examiner that you are safe on the road. The motorcycle test is different from other tests in than it is in two parts (Module 1 and Module 2). The present cost is £15.50 for Module 1 and £75 for Module 2. (More for a Saturday or an "extended" test). We book Practical Motorbike Tests in advance on your behalf. L plate

Contrary to the belief of some, the examiner is not there to fail you. There are no "quotas" of pass and fail. If you show that you have the ability to handle your machine well and have a good knowledge of various road situations then you should pass. You are allowed upto 15 minor riding faults (5 for Module 1 and 10 for Module 2) but a "serious" or "dangerous" fault will mean a fail, even if you have no other minor faults.

There are many reasons why people fail but the most common reason is "NERVES"! Don't put undue pressure on yourself - try to relax and "enjoy" the experience. That is obviously easier said than done but many a good rider fails because nerves gets the better of them. You need total concentration and it is impossible to give your best if all you can think about is the "churning" within your stomach! Remember - the examiner is there to "assess" you. He or she will not put extra pressure on you. Another reason for failing your test is being inadequately prepared. Do not "sell yourself short" when it comes to your training. Failing to prepare properly could mean that you spend more on test fees than you need to.

Module 1 Test

lasts for 10 - 15 minutes. In this part you will be asked to:

Push the bike backwards from one set of cones to another;

Ride through a slalom of cones followed by a figure of 8 around two cones;

Slow ride exercise;

U-turn ;

Controlled stop;

Emergency stop from 50 kph (32mph) ;

Swerve manoeuvre from 50kph (32mph).

MC Manoeuvre Diagram

You can view the Official DSA video of the Module 1 test on You Tube via this link

To view the full video, use this link

N.B. Both links open in new browser windows


Module 2 Test

lasts for 40 minutes but that doesn't mean that you will spend all of those 40 minutes riding the bike. Your documents will be checked and you will be given a radio. Once this has been checked you will go outside and take an eyesight check. Then comes the "safety questions". You are asked two questions about your machine and another about carrying a passenger. These can be found via this link... SAFETY QUESTIONS.

Now, finally, it's time to ride your bike. Approximately 35 minutes are left for you to demonstrate that you are safe and fit to be allowed out on the road - without L plates. The only "set" manoeuvre on Module 2 is moving away from the kerb. This may be on an incline or from behind parked vehicles.

And... that's it... Easy! So calm down and relax! Enjoy!

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