Friday, 13 January 2012 23:44

Drivers face danger from above

Drivers having to dodge death on Britain's roads every five hours

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Saturday, 21 January 2012 23:44

Should've gone to get your eyes tested

Call for 2-yearly eye tests for drivers

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Friday, 13 January 2012 23:44

Drivers up Norf pay more for insurance

Northern Drivers pay more for Insurance

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6.5 Club

Valley Bike School is proud of its uniqueness. One of the many ways in which we are unique is the 6.5 Club.

If you have passed your test with us then you are already aware of how good our training is and how friendly we are.

Here is your chance to get more from your riding by joining our Facebook forum "Friends of Valley Bike School".


 A lovely Sunday ride out with lovely people


 Another use for the helmets - hovercraft racing


The "Usual Suspects" in the Lake District


 The infamous "tat" shelf, now "tat" shelves

 Whilst there are lots of forums out there, this one is specifically for you... a rider who has passed their motorbike test with us and who wants to communicate with other like-minded people. I use the word "communicate" because this is not just a computer based contact forum. Members of the group have formed their own riding club (The 6.5 Club) and meet every Sunday, have a brew and a natter, then set off on their ride for the day. As they are fond of saying: "What could possibly go wrong?" Hmmmmm?

Road to Gisburn

Gary takes in the view

With the group there is no pressure to take part in anything but in the last 12 months they have been to Wales for a weekend, paint-balling, 10-pin bowling, and even endured an afternoon of extreme water sports. Whatever your age or whatever you ride, you are very welcome to join. Don't have a bike yet? We can hire 125cc bikes (if available).

dont jump

Members of the 6.5 Club about to take the plunge

Want to join? (And it's free) Send a text to 07740-195921 or e-mail via our Contacts page. 


Strike !


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Advanced Training

As riders, we should never stop learning and one of the best skills to learn is "Advanced Riding".

There is nothing particularly magical about Advanced Riding. Based on the Police Advanced manual, "Roadcraft", Roadcraft logo it is a "system" that you apply to given situations. Personally, I have been lucky in that I was trained to Advanced level by the Police. When the Police train you to ride, they do it properly. Prior to doing my Advanced training I would encounter situations in which I was convinced car drivers were "out to get me". After the Advanced training, all of the aggressive car drivers disappeared! Obviously, they hadn't changed but my ability to react to them had. I had, effectively, put a defensive bubble around me and my bike. So, in a nutshell, Advanced riding is about "defensive" riding... dealing with things before they become a problem. Advanced Riding is not about speed, although once you have seen hazardous situations early, you can make good progress without being aggressive or putting yourself, or others, in danger. Advanced Riding will test you both physically and mentally because you will need to concentrate for long periods of time. Concentration levels are subjective but relaxation helps concentration and a relaxed rider makes a safer rider. Ultimately, as with most other things in life, you will get out of it what you put in.

ROSPA logo

Allegedly, some 80% of motorists think that their driving skills are above average. Strange statistic, if true! You may feel that you are good enough already. If you are, great! Carry on. For mere mortals, we offer a two hour "assessment" ride to give you an insight into Advanced Riding and give you some pointers, if required. Then, it's up to you. As with all of our training, we will not pressure you into anything.

At Valley Bike School we are committed to turning out "safer" riders onto our roads and much of what we teach initially is based on the Advanced Riding Manual. Unfortunately, if we were to teach you to an Advanced standard for your DSA test, you would fail because the DSA test requires slightly different systems. For this reason, Advanced Training is best undertaken after you have passed your DSA Motorcycle test. IAM logo

As with any post-test training, it should be with a view to improving your riding skills which will, in turn, improve your safety on the road.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (I.A.M.) and Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (R.O.S.P.A) provide a test with a certificate. Passing an Advanced Test should bring your insurance down, but do not expect it to come down much. 

We are able to teach you to Advanced standard, with or without the test from the I.A.M. or R.O.S.P.A.


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Useful Links

Please note that as this is a new site, some pages are still "work in progress". Please be patient with us

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Former VBS student, Jan, and husband Geraint will take you anywhere


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Our chosen charity that

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Lancashire County Council Free

Theory Test


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Practical Motorcycle Test



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Altberg boots are amongst the best motorcycle boots on the planet




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Bikers Advice on all kinds of topics

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Matt, one of our former students, set of one of the biggest Biker Match sites in Europe


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Inside bikes is a one-stop shop for all your biking queries 

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Robbie Maddison Sets World-Record Distance Jump

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