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Speed Camera held for ransom

Anti-speed camera group delivers ransom note for speed camera

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Ogling drivers cause nearly one million crashes in Britain every year

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Fuel calculator

Fuel Calculator from

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Did you know?

Did you know?

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Monday, 09 January 2012 23:44

Murphys law of motorcycling

Murphy's Law of Motorcycling

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Monday, 09 January 2012 23:44

Kids prefer their mum's driving

Kids prefer their Mum to drive them

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4% of driver are uninsured

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Sunday, 05 January 2014 16:18

Our Roads

More photos taken by our former student, Debbie Marshall

  ian student
grane road_01   
  grane road_02 
 tom student  
   grane road_03
grane road_04  



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1   No Entry  
2   T-Junction Priority over traffic from right
3   Danger ahead
4   No vehicles  
5   No left turn  
6   2-way road crosses one-way street 
7   Trams must "Stop"  
8   Signs only for "Trams"  
9   School Bus  
10   Road narrows  
11   Road humps  
12   Priority over oncoming vehicles  
13   Oncoming vehicles have priority  
14   No motor vehicles  
15   No motorcycles  
16   Minimum speed limit  
17   Ring Road
18   Give way  
19   Warning of water across the road
20   End of dual carriageway  
21   Warning of cycle route ahead  
22   No through road (Cul-de-sac)  
23   Count-down to concealed level crossing
24   No stopping (Clearway)  
25   Warning Quayside or Riverbank



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How good is your Highway Code knowledge?

In a recent survey conducted by Castrol Oils and reported this article in The Daily Mail, many of us are confused by everyday signs on the road. This is disturbing because ignoring these signs could be the difference between having an accident or not.

How good aree you? Do you know your signs... Click on the "No through road" sign to find 

Signs 03   

Signs 04 

  Signs 27   Signs 25


The Government, through the DSA, have launched on on-line version of the Highway Code. You can download the pdf version here.





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