Eating is bad for you - especially whilst driving

eating drivingIf you find yourself giving in to hunger and having a snack while driving, be warned: it's more dangerous than you may think.

Eating and drinking behind the wheel dramatically delays reaction times, a study has found.

Taking a sip of a drink, smoking, or even touching a satnav could be as dangerous as talking on a mobile phone.

Reaction times were lengthened by 44 per cent while eating, according to a study

Reaction times lengthened by 44 per cent while eating and 22 per cent while drinking, compared to driving with both hands.

Drivers were also 18 per cent more likely to swerve into a neighbouring lane while drinking.

Scientists estimate that two million drivers have had an accident or near-miss because they were driving with one hand.

The study by the University of Leeds assessed nine drivers in a simulator while they were eating, drinking, using a phone and driving with one or two hands.

Unwrapping food or tipping a bottle up to take a drink caused the greatest delay in reaction times, because these tasks took drivers' eyes off the road.

Participants made the most corrections to their steering when talking on a phone.

The study, commissioned by insurers esure, also surveyed 1,005 drivers. It found that almost half admitted they drove with one hand on a regular basis.

A fifth saw nothing wrong with doing so.


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